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Pacific Asia Express (PAE) is a shipping agency in Darwin, Townsville, and Sydney. We are the Australian shipping agent of Mariana Express Lines Pte Ltd (MELL), an international shipping line with a strong reputation for transport efficiency and commitment to customer satisfaction. With modern fleet of vessels and a strong commitment to customer service and schedule integrity, Mariana Express Lines brings regular and punctual shipping services to Importers and Exporters in Darwin, Townsville, Cairns and surrounding Northern Queensland areas.

Mv Ballenita 003S, Delay Notice

Due to unforeseen circumstance and situation, Mv Ballenita 003S has been severely affected by the following weather and port condition in North China; • Dalian Dense Fog has forced vessel to be anchored for 1 day • Xingang port congestion has forced vessel to wait for berth 1 day • Qingdao departure was delay due […]

Northern Territory Office Closed 12/3/14

Please Be aware that there is a city wide power outage in the Northern Territory, and as a result our Darwin office is closed till further notice. For any assistance please call (02)9666 1388.