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Vessel Updates

Vessel Updates

KOTA NEBULA300SDarwin16-Nov-18 @ 190016-Nov-18 @ 220018-Nov-18 @ 14009494632
KOTA NEBULA300N Townsville30-Nov-18 @ 180630-Nov-18 @ 202603-Dec-18 @ 12009494632
KOTA NAGA155SDarwin01-Dec-18 @ 080001-Dec-18 @ 140002-Dec-18 @ 02369362293
KOTA NAGA155NGladstone10-Dec-18 @ 2300TBC10-Dec-18 @ 14009362293
KOTA NAGA155NTownsville13-Dec-18 @ 0000TBC14-Dec-18 @ 07009362293
KOTA NIPAH308SDarwin14-Dec-18 @ 1900TBC15-Dec-18 @ 17009593696
KOTA NIPAH308N Townsville22-Dec-18 @ 0600TBC24-Dec-18 @ 20009593696
KOTA NIPAH308N Gladstone26-Dec-18 @ 0100TBC26-Dec-18 @ 21009593696

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Container Updates

VesselVoyage #PortReceival StartsCY CutoffAvailabilityDetentionPort Storage
KOTA NEBULA300SDarwin09-Nov-1815-Nov-18 @ 120019-Nov-1829-Nov-1822-Nov-18
KOTA RUKUN9002NGladstone12-Nov-1816-Nov-18 @ 150021-Nov-1801-Dec-1829-Nov-18
KOTA NEBULA300NTownsville21-Nov-1829-Nov-18 @ 153003-Dec-1813-Dec-1810-Dec-18
KOTA NAGA155SDarwin26-Nov-1830-Nov-18 @ 1200TBCTBCTBC
KOTA NAGA155NGladstone03-Dec-1807-Dec-18 @ 1500TBCTBCTBC
KOTA NAGA155NTownsville04-Dec-1810-Dec-18 @ 1530TBCTBCTBC
KOTA NIPAH308SDarwin07-Dec-1813-Dec-18 @ 1200TBCTBCTBC
KOTA NIPAH308NTownsville17-Dec-1821-Dec-18 @ 1530TBCTBCTBC
KOTA NIPAH308NGladstone17-Dec-1821-Dec-18 @ 1500TBCTBCTBC

Table Last Updated at December 7, 2018 12:22 pm

Vessel Tracking

VesselVoyage #Next PortETA
KOTA NAGA155Gladstone10-Dec-18
KOTA NIPAH308Surabaya12-Dec-18
KOTA NEBULA301Qindgdao14-Dec-18

Table Last Updated at December 7, 2018 12:03 pm


NOTE: For Townsville Port, 7 days free storage starts from the day after vessel completion (inc. weekends). Storage charges will apply following this free storage period

Note: containers will not be accepted outside the receival period without prior application & approval from PAE For early and/or late receival requests, please contact your local office.
Charges will apply

*Please note these are only estimated times, any changes will be monitored and updated accordingly*.

* Above availability & storage dates are provided as a courtesy to our customers. For further confirmation on your container availabilities or storage, please check with the terminal directly for assistance 
** Date is intended but not confirmed due to vessel still under process. Please contact the terminal directly to confirm if your containers are available. Confirmed availability will be updated during the week.



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