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Pacific Asia Express (PAE) is a shipping agency in Darwin, Townsville, and Sydney. We are the Australian shipping agent of Mariana Express Lines Pte Ltd (MELL), an international shipping line with a strong reputation for transport efficiency and commitment to customer satisfaction. With modern fleet of vessels and a strong commitment to customer service and schedule integrity, Mariana Express Lines brings regular and punctual shipping services to Importers and Exporters in Darwin, Townsville, Cairns and surrounding Northern Queensland areas.


(Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Adelaide & Fremantle)

Adjustment of Mariana Express Lines Local Charges Darwin

Dear valued customers, Due to increasing local port cost PAE / Mariana Express Lines will be adjusting our local portsurcharges from the 1st Aug 2020 as follows: Documentation fees will also be adjusted to 100.00 Per Bill of Lading for import consignments and 95.00 Per Bill of Lading for export consignments at this time. We […]